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UM/Laurel Regional Hospital

Update on new UM/Laurel Regional Hospital
April 2018

As you know, we've worked closely with Mayor Moe and Councilwoman Lehman to save Laurel Regional Hospital -- and modernize it to provide services to meet our community needs. 

First, we convinced the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) to take it over from Dimensions. 

Second, we won $100 million in State funds to improve the hospital facilities in Laurel, Bowie, and elsewhere in the county. 

Third, we worked with UMMS and Laurel community leaders to design a new UM/Laurel Medical Center, which will replace the 40 year old hospital building. UMMS is applying for State approval to move forward with the first new building; under the law we championed, it will hold a community meeting to answer your questions and get your input. We'll make sure you're invited. 

Here are the highlights of the new UM/Laurel Medical Center. 


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1) Keeping core community services

  • 24/7 emergency room
  • Robust labs, x-rays, CTs, MRI and other diagnostic services
  • Close partnership with Laurel Fire and Rescue squads
  • Women’s health services including obstetrical care and family planning
  • Lung cancer screenings, asthma treatment, and sleep medicine
  • Award-winning wound care center 
  • Hospital beds for overnight stays 
  • Chronic pain management
  • Mental health, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse services
  • Fast transfer by ambulance and helicopter to other hospitals
  • Coordination with Howard County, Adventist, Holy Cross, UM/Baltimore and UM/Prince George's County hospitals 

2) Expanding services
  • New emergency room with separate, secure area for dangerous patients 
  • New critical care capacity in emergency room 
  • New real time access to UMMS shock trauma doctors thru telemedicine 
  • New wellness/weight loss programs
  • New behavioral health crisis center with 4 dedicated rooms
  • New diabetes treatment services
  • New neurology services focusing on dementia
  • New 21st century building with new technology, including a new CT scanner to diagnose cardiac disorders. 

3) Protecting access to services moved from Laurel
  • Long term chronic ventilation care to UM/Prince George's Hospital Center 
  • Acute rehabilitation to UM/Prince George's Hospital 
  • Long term behavioral health services to UM/Prince Georges and other local hospitals 

4) Exploring more services in Laurel
  • Dental practice serving insured and Medicaid patients 
  • Local centers for leading HMO and other healthcare providers 
  • UM/School of Medicine research at Laurel
  • UMMS urgent care 

We're sure you may have questions. That’s why we asked UMMS to meet with the community to explain these plans. 

We welcome your thoughts and questions. 

Jim, Barbara, Joseline, Ben