As long as we've represented the Western Anne Arundel community, we've worked with the Piney Orchard Community Association, Councilman Benoit, and many others to protect Odenton, Piney Orchard, and Gambrills from landfill proposals.

The County Council will be voting on Monday evening, June 2nd, on Councilman Benoit's proposal to ban landfills from residential areas.

We need your help:

  1. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to click here and sign our petition.  

  2. If you can, please go to the meeting and explain why you want to protect the community from landfills:  Monday, June 2nd, 7:00 p.m., Arundel Center, 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis.

  3. And finally, please call and email the seven County Council members as well.  

There is only one phone number for all of the Council members, which is (410) 222-1401.

Below are their email addresses and a note to send:

Dear members of the Anne Arundel County Council,

I urge you to vote in favor of Bill No. 21-14 (As Amended) by Councilmembers Benoit and Trumbauer, prompted by the proposed Tolson/Cunningham and Chesapeake Terrace landfills.

The two landfills, if they open, will bring an estimated hundreds of truckloads of construction rubble daily down Route 3 and Patuxent Road.  Moreover, after the BGE fly ash contamination nearby, the last thing we need is more water contaminants.

The county has invested enormous amounts of money in preserving rural and agricultural land in the county.  Allowing rubble land fills in the rural zone is not compatible with the county's investment of over $15 million in land conservation. Councilmen Benoit & Trumbauer's bill would simply prohibit them in the rural zone while allowing them in the heavy industrial zone.

The two landfill applications were submitted to the county over 20 years ago. In the intervening 20 years, the community around those two properties has changed dramatically.  For example, Piney Orchard was constructed and has 5000 homes. Two Rivers is under development with over 3000 homes. The Village of Waugh Chapel has emerged as a first class shopping center.

Stop the landfills. Vote in favor of Councilmen Benoit & Trumbauer's proposal to ban landfills from residential areas. 


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